Select Titles

Tecumseh and the Prophet: The Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation

by Peter Cozzens (Knopf)

"An enthralling, deeply researched dual biography of Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his younger brother... Cozzens’s cinematic narrative is steeped in Native American culture and laced with vivid battle scenes and character sketches. American history buffs will gain a new appreciation for what these resistance leaders accomplished."—Publishers Weekly

"Mr. Cozzens puts his narrative skills to great use. His compelling prose and deep research in both primary sources and histories of the period combine to place the reader on the ground with the Shawnee brothers... Sharply drawn."—Kathleen DuVal, The Wall Street Journal

When Truth Is All You Have: A Memoir of Faith, Justice, and Freedom for the Wrongly Convicted

by Jim McCloskey with Phil Lerman (Doubleday)

“A riveting and infuriating examination of criminal prosecutions, revealing how easy it is to convict the wrong person and how nearly impossible it is to undo the error.” —Washington Post

"No one has illuminated this problem more thoughtfully and persistently." —Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy

When Evil Lived in Laurel: The "White Knights" and the Murder of Vernon Dahmer

by Curtis Wilkie (WW Norton)

"I’m a longtime admirer of Curtis Wilkie’s deep and insightful work, and his chilling journey through the KKK’s murder of Vernon Dahmer will stay with you long after you close this book. This kind of violence is where tacit encouragement of extremists leads, and Wilkie shows you how."
― Greg Iles, New York Times bestselling author of Natchez Burning

"A tension-filled account of an FBI informant’s efforts to bring a notoriously violent chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to justice in the 1960s.... Wilkie vividly conveys the turmoil of the era and the high stakes of the mission. This real-life thriller is a worthy tribute to the courage of those who put everything on the line for civil rights."--Publishers Weekly

The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941: The Forgotten Story of How America Forged a Powerful Army Before Pearl Harbor

by Paul Dickson (Grove/Atlantic)

“Reading about the birth of the country’s citizen Army before World War II is a profoundly heartening experience. With all they are facing today, Americans need Dickson’s reminder of this momentous accomplishment.”―New York Times Book Review

“In The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941, veteran author Paul Dickson resurrects a critical but overlooked period, recounting the remarkable story of American mobilization during the 828 days between the war’s onset and the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor . . . The best history is character-driven, and in this Mr. Dickson excels. He follows the fortunes of emerging Army stars such as Bradley, George S. Patton, Mark Clark and Eisenhower himself with verve and compassion . . . An indispensable account.”―Wall Street Journal

A Demon-Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder Doctors, and the Ghosts of the Past in Post–WWII Germany

by Monica Black (Metropolitan Books)

"Evocative . . . epic . . . How do societies that commit monstrous atrocities recover from them?. . . Chock-full of colorful anecdotes and charismatic figures, A Demon-Haunted Land not only offers a brilliant rethinking of postwar German history, but also asks us to see the irrational as an integral part of modernity." ―Boston Review

"A fascinating, richly detailed look at the origins of mass supernatural events in West Germany after WWII. Vivid character sketches and keen psychological insights enrich impressive historical research. An arresting portrait of an unexplored chapter in German history." ―Publishers Weekly

The Comeback:: Greg LeMond, the True King of American Cycling, and a Legendary Tour de France

by Daniel De Vise (Grove)

“A thoroughly well-researched work about Greg LeMond’s cycling exploits from childhood races, impressive pro career, postcareer life, and business pursuits . . De Visé’s account stands out owing to its depth of coverage, captivating prose, and variety of historical and contemporary news sources. An impressive read for anyone interested in cycling.”―Library Journal
“De Visé provides detailed accounts of a dizzying number of races throughout LeMond’s career . . . Vivid description of the sport as one of physical torture . . . [De Visé] lays bare the undeniable facts of Greg’s amazing talent. That he achieved all he did without the benefit of doping, without the support of an American cycling team, and with a catastrophic injury in mid-career, is remarkable. Greg’s life is a story worth understanding and his name is one worth knowing, especially in light of the string of discredited riders who followed him.”―New York Journal of Books

The Earth Is Weeping: The Epic Story of the Indian Wars for the American West

by Peter Cozzens (Knopf)

Winner of the Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military History and the 2017 Caroline Bancroft History Prize; Finalist for the Western Writers of America’s 2017; A Times "History Book of the Year" and A Smithsonian "Top History Book of 2016"; Shortlisted for Military History Magazine's Book of the Year Award; Spur Award in Best Western Historical Nonfiction

A detailed recounting of random carnage, bodies burned, treaties broken and treachery let loose across the land… Cozzens admirably succeeds in framing the Indian Wars with acute historical accuracy… [D]emonstrates vast knowledge of American military history.
—Douglas Brinkley, The New York Times Book Review

[S]ets a new standard for Western Indian Wars history… [T]he most comprehensive, insightful synthesis of the conflict between the Western tribes and the United States government and citizens published by a popular New York press in decades… Like William Manchester’s The Glory and the Dream…[Cozzens’] brilliant thesis and detailed narrative will sustain the reader…from the prologue to the conclusion... [S]uccinctly seeks a sharper understanding of the cause and effects of the American government’s policies, citizen relations with the tribes, intertribal history and warfare, and the United States’ massive immigration into the West during and after the Civil War.
—Stuart Rosebrook, True West Magazine

Sex Money Murder: A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal

by Jonathan Green (WW Norton)

A 2019 Edgar Award Nominee and a CrimeReads Best Crime Book of the Year

"Exceptionally authentic."― Jill Leovy, The New York Times Book Review

"Sex Money Murder is a ferocious and long-overdue piece of true storytelling about a time and a place that saw the worst of the dope business. Within it are remarkable tales of faith in a standard, friendship or what passes for it, greed, decay, the worst and the best of America."
― Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic

"Doesn’t pull any punches….Green’s portraits of the good guys and the bad guys are richly layered and compelling: this is no simple cops-and-robbers story. It’s a story about an entire way of life and the way people on both sides of the law have been affected by it. A fine piece of crime nonfiction."― Booklist

The World's Largest Man, a Memoir

by Harrison Scott Key (HarperCollins)

Consistently seasoned with laughs, this memoir is adroitly warm and deep when it is called for. An uncommonly entertaining story replete with consistent wit and lethal weaponry. --Starred Kirkus Review

"I've rediscovered the joy at ”the sheer delight of laughing so hard I cry, wet my pants and wake up my wife. Harrison Scott Key is the funniest damn writer I've come across in a long time. His stories are raw and unfiltered and he writes about the sort of things a Southern boy's Mama told him to never mention the stuff worth writing about." --Neil White, author, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts

My Organic Life: How a Pioneering Chef Helped Shape the Way We Eat Today

by Nora Pouillon (Knopf)

A sparkling memoir. . . . Much more than a memoir of one woman's career in food, the book also provides a picture of the growth of the organic food movement in the U.S....a movement that Nora is still very much a part of. She organizes farmers markets, brings chefs and farmers together, works with consumer advocacy groups, and attends conferences at home and abroad. Pouillon's story is also a feminist one, showing a woman with young children dealing with a failed marriage, working successfully in a male-dominated business and helping other women to succeed in it. An inspiring account and great fun to read. --Kirkus Reviews

As the founder of America's first organic restaurant, and a tireless advocate of local food systems (not to mention a brilliant chef), Nora Pouillon is one of the pioneers of the Food Movement. --”Michael Pollan

The Great Divide: The Conflict between Washington and Jefferson that Defined a Nation

by Thomas Fleming (Da Capo)

Prolific historian Fleming delivers a vivid, opinionated history of this conflict.... and a fascinating case that Jefferson's charisma which peaked early with the Declaration of Independence was accompanied by fanciful political beliefs that continue to exert a malign influence on the office of the presidency. --Kirkus Reviews

Fleming looks beyond the standard history of the founding and early years of the nation to detail the contrasts in the backgrounds and personalities of these men [Washington and Jefferson. A fascinating look at American history from the perspective of personal relationships and political ideals.
--Booklist, starred review

The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes

by Scott Wallace (Crown/PenguinRandomHouse Group)

A Booklist Top Ten Literary Travel Book of 2012
Winner of silver Lowell Thomas Award from the Society of American Travel Writers

Wallace's foreboding is matched by his sense of wonder. -- New York Times Book Review

A rousing adventure tale. -- Wall Street Journal

Wallace's gripping account takes us upriver to a place very few outsiders have ever seen. --The Boston Globe

What a great book! An adventure story worthy of Joseph Conrad or Peter Matthiessen. -- The Oregonian

The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America’s Most Powerful Trial Lawyer

by Curtis Wilkie (Crown)

Under major Hollywood film option

“Riveting….a remarkable illustration of how far the mighty can fall.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Reads like a John Grisham novel….An epic tale of backbiting, shady deal-making and greed ….Masterful.”—Wall Street Journal

“The Fall of the House of Zeus is a riveting American saga of ambition, cunning, greed, corruption, high life and low life in the land of Faulkner and Grisham. These are good ol’ boys gone bad with flair, private jets, and lots of cash to carry. Curtis Wilkie, a child of the South and a reporter’s reporter, is the perfect match for this wild ride.”—Tom Brokaw

The Coat Route: Craft, Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat

Meg Lukens Noonan (Spiegal & Grau/Random House Group)

Winner of American Society of Journalists and Authors "2014 Outstanding Book Award, General Nonfiction"

“Lush writing and eagle-eyed reportage uncloak the insular world of bespoke fashion. . . . Globe-trekking travel writer Noonan is well-equipped to bridge the chasm and bring back a narrative every bit as finely rendered as the title's subject. Outfitted with an infectious curiosity and enviable eye for detail, the seasoned correspondent executes a sartorial odyssey that spans a remarkable portion of the planet. The fantastic journey is both fast-paced and rich.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A spirited tour of fashion history . . . The Coat Route compels us to remember that behind every garment is a deep history and a pair of human hands—whether those hands stitched the dress’s hem or pulled a lever that stringed together that $30 must-have jacket.”—The Wall Street Journal

Hedge Hogs: The Cowboy Traders Behind Wall Street's Largest Hedge Fund Disaster

Barbara T. Dreyfuss (Random House)

Named One of the Top Ten Business & Economic Books of the Season by Publishers Weekly

“Regulators, legislators and judges inclined to sympathize with the industry ought to rush out and buy a copy of Barbara Dreyfuss’s Hedge Hogs, a wonderfully instructive tale about Amaranth Advisors. . . . Dreyfuss, a Wall Street analyst turned investigative journalist, not only plowed through what turned out to be a treasure trove of official records and transcripts, but supplemented it with plenty of her own reporting. She manages to organize it all into a tight, riveting and understandable yarn.”—The Washington Post

“If you are an avid follower of Wall Street, you’ll read [Hedge Hogs] in one sitting. . . . Dreyfuss is able to strategically select the essential elements that make for an accurate and fast-paced read laced with illuminating Wall Street lore while sparing the lay reader useless financial jargon. This riveting book gives us much to think about.”—Wall Street on Parade

The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Trials of Amanda Knox

by Nina Burleigh (Broadway/PenguinRandom House Group)

“[In] this powerful example of narrative non-fiction…Burleigh, who parses how the Knox trial was perhaps tainted, still presents a fair and unbiased portrait of a girl adrift in a foreign legal system and a culture rife with preconceptions about young American women.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Burleigh’s propulsive narrative and the many unsettling
aspects of the case make this a standout among recent
true-crime titles.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Savvy true-crime reporting combined with a headline-hogging murder trial.”—Booklist

A Kitchen in France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse

by Mimi Thorisson (Clarkson Potter)

“In this warm and inviting collection, Thorisson…brings readers into her farmhouse in Médoc… [W]hile the appeal of this collection rests firmly on its recipes, the incredible photographs capture life in the French countryside. Sidebars on everything from dried grapevines and wine to garlic and visits to the butcher add little details that transport the reader to this bucolic, idyllic world where Thorisson is the perfect host.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Equally enthralling as her recipes is Thorisson’s seemingly effortless conjuring of a rustic dream life, often exquisitely illustrated by her husband’s photography…”

Savage Will: The Daring Escape of Americans Trapped Behind Nazi Lines

By Tim Gay (NAL/Penguin Group)

“Amazing… Timothy M. Gay’s book informs us of the courage and ‘savage will’ of the men and women of the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron after their Dakota C-53 aircraft crashed-landed in Nazi-held Albania, 850 miles from Allied lines…. As this was one of the rare cases of women being trapped behind enemy lines, the British SOE and the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), along with the Allied air forces, put together a desperate rescue mission to get the nurses and medics out of Albania. Looking over their shoulders with impatience were FDR and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill…. This interesting, well-researched story reads like a thriller, and I suspect, like Argo, it would make an interesting movie.” —The Washington Times

Savage Will is a wonderfully entertaining and moving story of survival, heroism, and escape, one of the best to emerge from World War II.”—Alex Kershaw, New York Times bestselling author of The Liberator

Authorisms: Words Wrought by Writers

by Paul Dickson (Bloomsbury)

"This genial book celebrates above all the dazzling inventiveness of authors." –Henry Hitchings, The Wall Street Journal

"Dickson … has written a dozen word books and dictionaries. In Authorisms, it’s clear he has perfected the genre. His tone is light but informed. He sprinkles in his own wit and several amusing digressions, involving recipe-containing footnotes. Authorisms is an unputdownable (Raymond Chandler) exercise in philology that makes you chortle (Lewis Carroll). As James Fenimore Cooper would have said, "A-Number-1.""—The Washington Post

Colorblind: The Forgotten Team that Broke Baseball's Color Line

by Tom Dunkel (Atlantic Monthly Press)

“Award-winning journalist Dunkel has not only researched and presented a virtually forgotten but very significant piece of sports history, he has also done it in a very entertaining, narrative nonfiction style. The principals, particularly Churchill and his players (including Satchel Paige) just simply come alive. Baseball fans will cherish this book, and it will become required reading among those who feel we can better understand today’s racial tensions by looking to the past. “ —Booklist (starred review)

"A decade before Jackie Robinson broke the Major League Baseball color line in 1947, an integrated team captured the imagination of Bismarck, North Dakota . . . Dunkel delves into the history of players, towns, and baseball itself in constructing this portrait of a harmonious team rising above a segregated society. . . . a story that transcends championships, and an inspirational reflection on an otherwise dismal human rights history." —Publishers Weekly

Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral

by Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays (Hachette Book Group)

Quill Award Finalist; Book Sense Pick; 200,000 copies sold

“Metcalfe, a lifelong Southerner who’s been hiding out in the social circles of Greenville, Miss., exposes the culinary and cultural last rites of the deep South in a fashion that is as sidesplitting as it is politically incorrect, as sincere as it is back-stabbingly brutal.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“If you want a good laugh in this uptight, power-obsessed city, pick up a copy of Being Dead Is No Excuse. And if you are a Southerner, you will laugh until the tears come.”—Washington Post

Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game

By John Sexton with Thomas Oliphant and Peter J. Schwartz, Foreword by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Gotham Books/Penguin Group)

A New York Times bestseller
Selected by Publisher’s Weekly as a Top Ten Sports Book for Spring 2013

“An elegant little meditation on life and the afterlife, well worth reading while waiting for spring." –Kirkus

“A surprisingly profound new look at America’s national pastime.” Booklist

Mistrial: An Inside Look at How the Criminal Justice System Works...and Sometimes Doesn't

By Mark Geragos and Pat Harris (Gotham Books/Penguin Group)

“A win: engaging, enlightening and entertaining. . . .provides a salutary reminder that criminal-defense lawyers, far from being criminals themselves, play a vital role in our adversarial system of justice.” ---The Wall Street Journal

Mistrial is the story of extraordinary careers as the go-to lawyers for the celebrated (or notorious, or both) defendant. Don't miss it!" —Jeffrey Toobin, New York Times bestselling author of The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court, legal affairs writer for The New Yorker, and senior legal analyst for CNN

I'm a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America's Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet

by Ken Foster (Viking Studio)

A Vanity Fair Best Book of 2012

“A beautiful book about some of the most beautiful and big-hearted dogs in the world—dogs who've been misunderstood and discriminated against for far too long. Ken Foster and his rescue work are a gift to animals and people alike. Everyone should read I'm a Good Dog to learn the truth about pit bulls, and celebrate them.”—Rebecca Skloot, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

“Ken Foster's I'm a Good Dog is the definitive book on the dog that's been so hard to define, the misunderstood pit bull. Visually stunning images are surrounded by Ken's magical dog stories; this book is a gift, and one I'll be giving many times.”—Julie Klam, author of You Had Me at Woof

The Disciple, A Novel

by Stephen Coonts (St. Martin’s Press)

New York Times Bestseller

“[A] nail-biting near-future thriller . . . Coonts carefully builds his plot using a wide cast of characters, from insider Iranian spies to cutting-edge aircraft pilots and government officials both high and low. Hardly a page passes without nerve-stretching tension or flat-out action.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

The Burning Shore: How Hitler’s U-Boats Brought World War II to America

By Ed Offley (Basic Books)

“An authoritative work on the awful, early effectiveness of German U-boats in disrupting shipping traffic off the east coast of the United States.... A knowledgeable overview and exciting re-creation of the final U-701 attack and defeat.” —Kirkus Reviews

"[The Burning Shore] will be, I think, a real eye-opener for readers who assume that the war was fought in Europe, Asia and Africa, but not here.... It would be foolish to wax sentimental about [Kane and Degen’s] story, and Offley wisely refrains from doing so, but it does bring the history of the U-boats to an unexpected and quite gratifying conclusion.”—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post

Deep Black: Death Wave

by Stephen Coonts and Bill Keith (St. Martin’s Press)

“Coonts and Keith take international espionage and terrorism to a whole, new level…. The story has all the elements of a best-selling thriller.” —Portland Book Review

Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick

by Paul Dickson (Walker and Company)

Winner of the Casey Award for Best Baseball Book of 2012

“Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick incorporates the picaresque anecdotes and populist charm of Veeck’s memoirs into a narrative marked by Mr. Dickson’s broad knowledge and fluid authority. The result is a biography that newcomers to the Veeck legend are likely to find immensely appealing, but one that also makes him new again for those who have already savored the baseball showman’s own episodic volumes.”—Maxwell Carter, The Wall Street Journal

“An engaging biography of Bill Veeck…[Dickson] expertly evokes Veeck’s populist, garrulous public persona. Veeck is not as well remembered as he should be. Dickson’s book is a skillful corrective.”–Kirkus

An Honorable German, A Novel of WWII

By Charles McCain (Grand Central/Hachette Group)

"Novels of naval warfare have long captured readers' attention and imagination, perhaps because many of them, in addition to simply being great yarns, illuminate the moral dilemmas of command, offer glimpses of social and political history, and describe life at sea. An Honorable German does all those things... A gripping and eye-opening first novel." (Booklist)

"The action sequences are undeniably stunning...Fans of naval fiction couldn't ask for more authentic action." (Publishers Weekly)

A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles Through Islamic Africa

by Steve Kemper (W. W. Norton & Company)

“A spirited reconstruction of the arduous five-year trek into Central Africa by Heinrich Barth (1821–1865), a German scientist exploring for England…. A nicely rounded literary study of an intrepid explorer undone by the cultural biases of the time.”—Kirkus Reviews

An elegant, richly rewarding book chronicling Heinrich Barth’s journey through North and Central Africa, from Tripoli south through the desert to the great Islamic empires. It’s also an astute character study of an explorer out of step with his fellow Europeans. For those with colonial ambitions, Africa was a blank slate to be tamed; for Barth, it was “a vibrant multidimensional place with a long and complex cultural history worth studying.”–Boston Globe (Best Nonfiction of 2012)

A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran

by Trita Parsi (Yale University Press)

“You gotta get this, A Single Roll of the Dice. It’s on bookshelves now. Really, it is an amazing perspective on all the elements that go into even the smallest of diplomatic deals.”—Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show”

“A must-read for all those interested in the relationship between Washington and Tehran.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“The most incisive account available of U.S.-Iranian diplomacy…. eminently readable, gripping…” Foreign Affairs (Best Book of 2012)

“Perfectly-timed. . . . A carefully balanced and thoroughly researched account of the tortured US-Iranian relationship in recent years. Parsi is the ideal person to write it.”—Julian Borger, The Guardian

Assignment to Hell: The War Against Nazi Germany with Correspondents Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney, A.J. Liebling, Homer Bigart, and Hal Boyle

by Timothy M. Gay (New American Library)

A Main Selection of the Military Book Club

“Assignment to Hell is a book every modern journalist—and citizen—should read.” Tom Brokaw

“If one can say that reading a book titled Assignment to Hell was a delight, I say it now. The stories are so vivid and alive all these years later that I felt I was there with the legendary correspondents of World War II as they wrote their way from France to Germany.”—
David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of They Marched Into Sunlight

Heart in the Right Place, A Memoir

by Carolyn Jourdan (Algonquin Books)

Shelf Awareness Best Book of the Year; Book Sense Best Book Club Book; Family Circle Magazine's First Ever Book of the Month; Elle Magazine Reader's Prize; The Literary Guild Selection; Doubleday Book Club; American Compass Book Club; Satellite Sisters Radio Book Club; The Pulpwood Queens Book Club

Jourdan's dispatches from the reception desk make for a stirring, beautiful memoir that is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, and ultimately a triumph. -- Publishers Weekly Starred Review

This is a soul-touching memoir mostly about character and the transformative power of selfless acts in forgotten places far from the spotlight. --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

With lavish affection, genuine respect, and exuberant humor, Jourdan offers a zestfully compassionate portrait of a poor community rich in the ways of true humanity. -- Booklist

Born to Battle: Grant and Forrest—Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga

by Jack Hurst (Basic Books)

“Making sophisticated use of archival and printed sources, Hurst maintains that the marginalization of Forrest, a blacksmith’s son, by a Confederacy insisting on ‘blue-blood leadership’ was ‘a chief cause of the Confederacy’s death.’ The Union, by contrast, made effective use of the equally lowborn and unpolished Grant. Both, Hurst asserts, exemplified the common men who did most of the war’s dying. Both understood what soldiers could do in particular situations. And both were accustomed by peacetime hardship to the fears and anxieties of wartime command. The comparison…is original and provocative.” Publishers Weekly

“It is rare indeed to have a writer like Jack Hurst, both a careful and meticulous historian and a first-rate storyteller. Born to Battle is what Jack Hurst does best. Drawing on many years of examination and research, Hurst has laid out the details of history as if he were crafting an epic myth. Grant and Forrest come alive as they take on the roles of the very human giants of the war. Hurst’s epic tale of history gives us a better understanding of why the war would be won or lost far from the borders of Virginia.” Robert Hicks, author of The Widow of the South and A Separate Country

Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through His Private Letters

by Elizabeth Brown Pryor (Viking Press)

Lincoln Prize Winner

“Pryor has taken an icon and given us the soul of a complex man and his turbulent age, and has delivered it wrapped in lithe and graceful prose that many novelists might envy. She has, in short, written a masterpiece.”—Fergus Bordewich, The Wall Street Journal

“[A] work of prodigious scholarship and accomplished style, which challenges many of our deep seated assumptions about Robert E. Lee.”—Times Literary Supplement

“Elizabeth Pryor delivers an unorthodox, critical, and engaging biography of Lee….She impressively captures Lee’s character and personality….Pryor writes with a sure hand, informed by strong research….”—The Boston Globe

The Much Too Promised Land: America's Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace

By Aaron David Miller (Bantam/PeguinRandom House Group)

“Extraordinary…. Miller evinces genuine compassion for both sides in the conflict … while maintaining a detachment that allows him to draw hard conclusions…. Miller’s writing is both approachable and deeply smart.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A book of great significance, owing to its breadth, objectivity, and judgment.”—Library Journal, starred review

"A revealing and well-written memoir.... Miller fills his pages with real characters and sly observations... [and] sobering tales from the front."—The New York Times

Words from the White House: Words and Phrases Coined or Popularized by America's Presidents

by Paul Dickson (Walker and Company)

"A compendious, entertaining look at our nation's leaders through words and turns of phrase."--Kirkus Reviews

“An entertaining and informative book.” --Vick Mickunas, Dayton Daily News

The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (And Doesn't Want) Another Great President

by Aaron David Miller (Palgrave Macmillan)

" “Will American ever again have a great president? To this intriguing question, Aaron David Miller brings a delightfully provocative sensibility, a lively and engaging pen, and, not least, thirty years of government experience. Whether one agrees with his conclusions or not, this book should spark a thoughtful debate about what we can realistically expect from our presidents as we enter the next electoral season.”—Robert Kagan, Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; author of The World America Made

“It's time to abandon our illusions and take a more realistic view of the presidency…A provocative and highly readable analysis.”—Kirkus

Armies of Heaven: The First Crusade and the Quest for Apocalypse

by Jay Rubenstein

Winner of the 2012 Phi Beta Kappa Emerson Book Award

“[A] rich harvest of legends and writings from the period, often apocalyptic in nature, that give us a keener insight into the minds of those who lived these tumultuous years. Rubenstein offers up a heady mix of soldiers and prophets, militants and supplicants, weaving it all into a wonderfully readable account that puts flesh on the story. A satisfying and highly recommended read in every respect.”— Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Jay Rubenstein evocatively tells the story of this apocalyptic journey in a narrative bristling with sharp erudition and exhilarating prose. Armies of Heaven is the most intelligent, thought-provoking, and enthralling history of the First Crusade written in the last fifty years. A marvelous achievement.”— Mark Gregory Pegg, author of A Most Holy War: The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christendom

“Jay Rubenstein’s Armies of Heaven is a beautifully researched, well written, and highly accessible account of the first Holy Crusade, recounting it through the lens of eschatological theory…. In unflinching detail, Armies of Heaven walks us step by step through the process of ‘taking the cross’: the preliminary pogroms against Jews, the mobilization of the armies, and their ever more violent and uncontrolled adventure to Constantinople and beyond.”— James Reston Jr., BookForum

Ethan Allen: His Life and Times

by Willard Sterne Randall (W. W. Norton & Company)

A Main Selection of the History Book Club

“The definitive biography of the frontier hero and founder of Vermont….Authoritative, vivid…. Colorful, well-written and nuanced.” –Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“A rich portrait… incorporates a wealth of research and colorful detail into an absorbing, well-paced narrative.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Willard Sterne Randall has few equals as a writer. A careful and meticulous historian, and an esteemed biographer, Randall has marshaled his many talents to produce the definite biography of Ethan Allen, one of the most fascinating figures in the founding of the American nation…. a must read.”—John Ferling, author of Independence

Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Politics

by Eleanor Clift (Basic Books)

A powerful mix of opinion, reporting and poignant recollection.” –Kirkus Reviews

“In this elegant, heartrending account of the final choices we make, journalist Clift juxtaposes the death of two people, one close to her and the other a national cause célèbre..The two main narratives work surprisingly well together, the tenderness and pathos of the first serving to illuminate the complex moral issues of the second, and visa versa. The result is a moving portrait.”—-Publishers Weekly

Turning The Tide: How a Small Band of Allied Sailors Defeated the U-boats and Won the Battle of the Atlantic

by Ed Offley (Basic Books)

“The author focuses on individual combatants, from the lowest ranks to the highest, emphasizing the human elements and making for an extremely readable text that should appeal to neophytes as well as professionals.” –Publishers Weekly

“Offley meticulously re-creates the terrifying U-boat assaults during this pivotal spring…and explains how the Allies turned the tide of the years-long battle…. An intensely focused account that cuts through the battle’s sprawl and duration, supplying the general reader with an appreciation of its character and importance.” –Kirkus Reviews

“This sound, readable WWII naval history…is a fine addition to material on the epic Battle of the Atlantic.” –Booklist

Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan

by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (Thomas Dunne Books)

New York Times Bestseller

“Anthony Shaffer has written a gripping account, filled with amazing detail, of an otherwise secret world. Shaffer has the instincts of a thriller writer and the knowledge and perspective of the professional insider. Operation Dark Heart is a fascinating page-turner.” —Doug Stanton, Author of Horse Soldiers

A nonfiction book that frequently reads like an adventure novel…a fascinating, eye-opening book. —Booklist

“A fascinating look into the highly complex world of modern combat, clandestine intelligence and bureaucrats run amok. Tony Shaffer walks and runs us through a critical time in the history in the war in Afghanistan. From the opening to the closing, you are on the edge of your seat. Tony is, in all aspects, the real Jack Bauer – but with an intellect.”—Dr. Christopher M. Lehman, former Special Assistant to President Reagan, National Security Counsel

The Sea Witch

by Stephen Coonts (Forge/Macmillan Books)

“Coonts knows how to write and build suspense . . . a natural storyteller.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Stephen Coonts has an absolute lock on the secret of good story telling…. My only disappointment was that the stories ended—I wanted more.”—David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author of Abyss

“The Sea Witch is…one of a kind.”—Ralph Peters, New York Times bestselling author of Cain at Gettysburg and The Officers’ Club

Nam-A-Rama, A Novel

by Phillip Jennings (Forge Books/Macmillan)

Los Angeles Times Top Ten Books; Washington Post Best Fiction of the Year; New York Library Association Book of the Season Nominee; Military Book Club Editor’s Choice; Book Sense Notable Book; New York Post Required Reading; 100 Coolest Things to Buy; Twenty Breakout Books editors pick

“These pages will stay with me as do the best of Tim O’Brien and John Del Vecchio’s The Thirteenth Valley . . . what moved me to outrage and heartbreak were the pages in which he goes beyond satirizing venal leaders and to write fiercely and humanely as a man who was there, served his country, and is still clearly losing sleep over real flesh-and-blood kids with freckles and nervous knees.”—The Washington Post

“In this wonderfully irreverent novel, evocative of vintage Max Shulman, hearty belly laughs contrast with chilling insights into high level political machinations.”—Publishers Weekly Starred review

“Nam-a-Rama is masterful, vivid and haunting—and it’s funny, too.”—The Wall Street Journal

Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder

by Gus Russo and Stephen Molton (Bloomsbury Press)

“Relying on past histories and innumerable interviews, the authors vividly reconstruct the Cold War atmosphere of the ’60s…A serious, intriguing look at the blood feud whose horrible consequences continue to reverberate.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Gus Russo and Stephen Molton have fashioned heroic investigative reporting into a Shakespearean reckoning: lush with psychological and historical nuance, of the fateful symmetry between the personal and the political. Brothers in Arms is the wisest explanation I’ve seen of the Kennedy assassination.”—Diane McWhorter, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Carry Me Home

“Brothers in Arms has the pace of a page-turning thriller as it reveals the truth about an era of assassinations that influenced the course of history among the United States, Cuba, and the Soviet Union.”—Joseph Califano, Jr., former Special Assistant to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara

Praying for Gil Hodges: A Memoir of the 1955 World Series and One Family’s Love of the Brooklyn Dodgers

by Thomas Oliphant (Thomas Dunne Books/Macmillan)

New York Times Bestseller

“The story builds to a beautiful and moving resolution, proving that the true center of this book is not the seventh game of the World Series. The heart of the story is the love of a family for place, a baseball team, and mostly for each other.”—The Boston Globe

“Written with power and clarity, this is a brilliant work that captures the majesty of baseball, the issue of race in America, and the love that one young boy, his parents, and the borough of Brooklyn had for their team. In Praying for Gil Hodges, Tom Oliphant has created a small masterpiece.”—-Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of the bestselling Wait Till Next Year

“Tom Oliphant is one of our most lyrical writers and he has written a love story—-about his parents, about baseball, and most of all about the American values that shaped their lives.” –Bob Schieffer, “Face the Nation”

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk: Why I Refused to Testify Against the Clintons

by Susan McDougal with Pat Harris (Carroll & Graf Publishers)

New York Times Bestseller; Book Sense Pick

“She knows that readers want to learn about her experiences being grilled, then jailed for contempt for refusing to give Starr his smoking gun—and she lays on the horrific details with righteous fury. She also . . . looks back on her travails with humor. McDougal . . . gives her account a historical and emotional perspective many of her predecessors lacked.”—Publishers Weekly